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Arconcepts develops relationships with the client long before the prospective project site or facility has been selected or purchased.  Working with the client in determining the most beneficial project delivery approach and whether a site or building is viable for use in the proposed project is critical and must begin early in the process.  Our work begins during the selection process by interviewing the necessary players and teams, holding and attending prospective project meetings, working with governmental agencies to review and disseminate the requirements of zoning and building code enforcements on the site, verifying the physical requirements and constraints of the site or facility for constructability of the proposed project and preparing budget cost objectives and analysis of the overall project.  With our preferred civil and environmental engineers, the project team can create an encompassing team of professional advisors to make each project a reality.


Arconcepts works toward the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and straight forward honesty. We do our best, most cost-effective work when our clients join us in meeting these expectations.   Sustainable Design is our vehicle to improve the conventional building culture for everyone's benefit.  We bring this passion into all our activities.  For maximum benefit, sustainable design awareness must be fully integrated into every building design aspect and at every project phase.  Treating the this conscious efficient design as an "extra" adds expense and decreases effectiveness.  

Sustainable design is not, by itself, magic! Indeed, it takes the kind of diligent, informed, thoughtful work in which we take pride.  Sustainable design is not a separate discipline!  All project disciplines are involved in and responsible for sustainable design project success.  We feel privileged to have clients who work closely with us, and those who are ready to appreciate the many benefits of greener buildings.

Arconcepts makes an unprecedented effort of specifying materials and products from local or regional sources.  Our projects, the environment, and our clients reap the many benefits, including:

Every choice we make in design has an environmental consequence.  A sustainable design perspective is essential to retain the vital renewability of our Planet.


As part of the process of producing architecture, considerations of accessibility and design must be made.  Accessibility design involves the creation of safe, comfortable, and accessible environments for persons with disabilities.  Accessibility analysis consists of analyzing existing spaces, as well as newly designed spaces, and determining how they should and can be modified. 

Clients are becoming increasingly aware of the need to make their spaces more accessible to persons with any form of disability or challenge.  The application of the principles of accessibility analysis and design ensure that buildings and spaces designed by Arconcepts will be enjoyed by all persons.


One of the most important factors influencing architecture today is the knowledge and enforcement of Federal, State and Local Building Codes.  Many times, design relies on the extent to which the project must meet these codes, and which set of codes is applicable for the particular project.  Often, several sets of codes must be followed in order to meet appropriate requirements.

Arconcepts examines these codes during the predesign and schematic phases, and incorporates them into our plans to ensure that all portions of the structure / space are safe and will satisfy all jurisdictional requirements.


Arconcepts provides due diligence services during the purchase agreement (PA) process for specific projects.  We help the client understand the intent of building and zoning regulations and illustrate how a project can achieve that intent and whether or not it can or will conform to the existing ordinances.  Additionally, we provide preliminary design concepts for the prospective project for use in funding applications.


In an effort to involve ourselves in the education and continual advancement of our clients and associated design professionals, Arconcepts presents specific design and continuing education seminars involving Building Codes, Barrier Free Design, ADA Compliance, and Predesign and planning processes.  Our co-involvement with the design community as well as various corporate entities creates a dynamic relationship that carries through the entire design process.


Arconcepts personal knowledge in various aspects of Architecture and the extensive legal regulations of building codes and accessibility has made way for expert witness testimony.  Our relationship with the legal profession and private corporate entities has created a reputation for providing this unique and invaluable service.


Arconcepts conducts feasibility studies for two main purposes: to examine an existing facility/building for adaptive reuse; or to determine the feasibility of a new use for a renovation project.

The initial review of a building is extremely important for our clients and may include architectural, structural, mechanical, loan, electrical and/or plumbing analysis. The study proves whether a building is or is not capable of providing the desired needs of the client. The process provides the information that we and our clients utilize to make critical decisions prior to investing capital in speculative projects and other “start up” services.


As a convenience to our clients who desired to renovate, expand or reduce their existing facility, but who were without the luxury of existing building documentation, Arconcepts developed a “state of the art” system of creating existing condition documentation.  Arconcepts utilizes these record drawings in order to establish a foundation for future modifications.


Sustainable development has become a goal for Arconcepts for many years.  We consistently seek a balance of a healthy environment and healthy economy.  During this process, we assess and program existing facilities or environments for new or proposed uses.  Old buildings often outlive their original purposes. Adaptive Reuse is a process that adapts buildings for new uses while retaining their historic or desired features.  We create visions of sustainable built futures for our clients while providing a state of the art new facility utilizing energy efficient design and materials. 

The newly created solution should provide a link to the history of the facility while lending character to the community in which it resides.  In addition, it will serve practical purpose to the end user.  We believe our clients, as well as our environment will have much to gain from adaptively reusing structures from our past.  The elimination of the demolition and reconstruction process is the first step in promoting the environmental benefits of adaptive reuse.  Those together with energy savings and the social advantage of recycling the valuable historical context make adaptive reuse an essential component of our sustainable development.


As our clients relocate into our newly created spaces, Arconcepts offers move management services so we can guide our clients every step of the way and make moving as painless as possible.  During this phase, Arconcepts provides planning, scheduling, budgeting and coordination of all involved entities.


Whether our clients wish to evaluate a space designed by Arconcepts or others, we prepare a Post Occupancy Evaluation and offshore company formation in order to address how well a facility contributes to the productivity, satisfaction, well being of the occupants and goals of the organization. Here we evaluate the functional quality and efficient use of the working environment. Our clients may choose to utilize a Post Occupancy Evaluation as a prelude to a new construction project or renovation.